Welcome To Our Story

Our friendship began 6 years ago when Jen moved her family from Burlington to the tiny town of Shelburne Ontario. Myself (Christina) coming from Brampton, this was a drastic change from the city life for the two of us. We knew we would be great friends the moment we met and became neighbors. Raising our kids together in a much smaller community was exactly what we wanted. As busy working moms, we needed a little break, so we both joined a local women's baseball league. One night a week, we were able to de-stress from our everyday lives and build the most incredible friendships with our teammates. 


Jennifer (quite the entrepreneur) started her own business in the Hair & Make-up industry, she decided to make things a little different in her unique kind of way, a mobile service. NOT just any Mobile service, an old vintage trailer made into a beauty salon. Business really took off for Jen, so much so that she needed a second hand. That's when she suggested I work beside her doing Hair for Weddings and Events. We definitely have a blast working together, it doesn't seem like "work" for us, we enjoy what we do and work very hard and long days to make women and Brides look their best. It's become our ritual to ponder about our day, and lives over a glass of wine....or 2. It was also suggested many times between us to start something new but keep with what we already enjoy....Weddings, Events, Parties, interacting with people, and keeping with the theme "Mobile Services" that's when PHOTOBOOTH was mentioned. I mean "who doesn’t like taking a good selfie", especially when you look good😉  The seed was planted, and the planning didn't stop. We were excited and determined to make this into a reality. Soon enough we found the perfect 1975 Trillium Trailer, and with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, we made it our very own vintage style trailer PhotoBooth.


Smirkin Photobooth is now ready to go. We are excited to share this service with you all. You can count on us to make sure your party, or event is full of laughter, and good times....cause you know, that’s how we roll ;)


Forever Grateful, 

Jennifer Beaudet 

Christina Hynes